LaNée Javet

Social Media superstar, check. Crowdfunding campaign strategist, double check. A single mother and mogul motivator with over 65,000 followers on all her social media platforms, a 6,000 member Facebook group, and still manages to pick up her son from school on time? Not only can you check those boxes, there’s no doubt that this Head Mogul in Charge is definitely changing the game! LaNée Javet is no stranger to hard work, prioritizing goals and reaching milestones. As the CEO and Founder of CulSire, the premier lifestyle, education, entertainment, and empowerment destination for people of color around the world, she has grown a following of close to 60,000. She successfully raised $10,000 in crowd funding in her first attempt and her first website project ( reached 3 Million page views (from over 1 Million visitors) in less than 7 months from launch.

With success like that, she’s made a name for herself in the business world among her peers who also wanted to reach those levels of success. Successes in that magnitude lead her to launch her second business, Mogulvation, where she coaches and trains start-ups and small business owners in the ways of operating their business like a mogul. She shows them specialized and tactful proficiencies she’s used to reach her own milestones in life and business. By using these mogul techniques, she is changing the way entrepreneurs execute their goals. Six months after launching Mogulvation, The Mogul Institute™ was born to aid in the process of training and educating entrepreneurs and features e-courses around business processes, strategies, planning, and best practices.

LaNée Javet, known to her Mogul Tribe as the HMIC (Head Mogul in Charge) facilitates the operation of various projects, websites, social media campaigns, and multi-day events. In less than three years, she has become a social media superstar, crowd funding strategist, mogul motivator, and a Milestone Mastery Coach. In other words, she knows a thing or two about starting and growing a business.

LaNée believes that she can change the world by helping people plan and take action for a better life and business. All three of her businesses show to produce the life you want, by inserting positive messages, imagery, people, and training. She teaches that everything you ever wanted is at your fingertips, and can be yours if you plan for it. The reason she believes this is because she’s done it time and time again, by setting milestones, that have redefined her in life and business.

Her mission is to serve others that want to live their life reaching their milestones. She is launching a new campaign #1MillionMilestones to show her commitment to her community, her colleagues, and the world, that it is possible to have it all. Why put off until tomorrow what you can have and do today!