Arnita Johnson-Hall

As a mother of four, a wife, but most importantly as a woman, Mrs. Arnita Johnson-Hall has made it her primary mission to “Empower” and “Engage” women to invest in themselves and to take ownership of their financial status. This goal is what inspired Arnita to create and launch an enterprise that would change the face of credit repair and management. Her Blog Website, Luxurious Credit, inspires hundreds of thousands of women across the globe. Likewise, her credit repair organization, AMB Credit Consultants, is staffed with a full team of credit care professionals with the objective of helping people obtain good credit and build generational wealth.

Arnita Johnson-Hall’s vision is revolutionary not only because it improves the lives of others, but because it teaches them that their alternate reality is just within arm’s reach. She and her team are ready and willing to help their clients meet the challenge of big banks and bureaus without being intimidated. By spreading and sharing financial knowledge, education, and information, Arnita pay’s if forward.

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, this young city girl has always dreamt of doing big things with her life. With a yearning to do something meaningful, she aspired to help those who could not or did not know how to help themselves in various aspects of their lives. Unconventional and nontraditional are two words that describe Arnita very well. She has a passion for people that has led her to own and operate one of the fastest growing credit restoration firms in the state of Texas. Mrs. Johnson-Hall is known and recognized for her big heart, generosity, random acts of kindness, and many extraordinary accomplishments. She is a Certified Credit Consultant, an Advocate for Consumer Credit Awareness, and a Credit Boot Camp Alumni. She’s a regular writer for the Yahoo Contributor and is also the author of the well-known Ultimate Credit Repair Guide to Having Luxurious Credit. She not only wears the crown of expertise in her field, but she’s also recognized as a Business Innovator and Motivator to other credit restoration business owners and entrepreneurs in every industry, both locally and nationally.

As if her life is not already filled with much excitement and great accomplishments, Arnita is also pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and will be launching many more exciting new things over the next few years, which she feels will be beneficial to consumers throughout the nation.